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Snap in Flight 4: Celebrating Wildlife Photography in the Heart of the Balkans

From June 16-18, Shkodra Lake in Albania will once again come alive with a flurry of shutters as Snap in Flight holds its fourth annual gathering. This much-anticipated event invites a distinguished group of wildlife photographers from all over the Balkans to converge and share their mutual passion.

The serene splendor of Shkodra Lake presents a unique platform for photographers to capture not only a diverse array of species but also two intriguing bird species in their undisturbed habitats. The event places a spotlight on the Dalmatian Pelicans and Whiskered Terns, promising unparalleled chances to photograph their unique behaviors and the vibrant energy they exude in their natural environment.

Snap in Flight 4 is more than just a photography expedition; it's a celebration of community, where professionals and hobbyists can connect, exchange knowledge, and appreciate the beauty of Balkan wildlife. As the sun rises and sets over the shimmering lake, vibrant discussions, shared tips, and collaborative shots will make this event an enriching experience.

Whether you're a seasoned wildlife photographer or an enthusiastic novice, Shkodra Lake is a haven where passion meets inspiration. Here, you can contribute to the art of wildlife photography by capturing the stunning species that call this place home.

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