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"Snap in Flight III" in Shkodra Lake, Albania

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Snap in Flight III Team

After the first two experiences with the Group in Kenya and Romania, I welcomed the meeting in Shkodra with a different emotion, since it was in our country, in the country where Albanian is spoken, and in a way the Albanians were the friendly hosts.

Here I had the opportunity to get to know the lake of Shkodra, its beauty, its inhabitants that we photographed with such desire and curiosity.

Here I also got to know the generous, noble and kind people of Shkodra where in every contact with them I felt at home. That wildlife photographers have a special feeling for nature and its inhabitants, I was convinced this time as well.

As a lover of nature and mountains, I am increasingly feeling the attraction for wildlife photography. The desire to capture the fascinating flights of different birds.

My wish is for the group to continue the tradition, to enable photographers and all lovers of wild life, nature, the fascinating assets of Albania and all Albanian villages to be explored, photographed and given the opportunity to get to know it even outside the borders, maybe even we contribute to raising awareness and love for its preservation that it is an asset that must be preserved like the light of the eye. This wealth is easily destroyed by human ego, but it can never be restored or compensated.

I only got uncharted memories, I got to know the beauty of Shkodra's lake, I made new acquaintances, new friendships, people I want to visit again and recall this experience and experience new experiences.

I expect that with the group we will also bring new ideas for the next meeting.

I hug you all with whom we spent two unforgettable days and evenings.

Zurich 02.07.2022


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