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Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto: The Wildlife World Photographer's Manifesto 


At Wildlife World Photographers, we aim to promote wildlife conservation and habitat preservation through a combination of artistic presentation and diverse photography styles. Our goal is to build a network while branding wildlife photographers worldwide who are guided by a shared passion for capturing the beauty and fragility of our natural world.


1 - Technical-Artistic Dimensions


Wildlife photography demands a balance between consciousness and unconsciousness, technique and art. We curate and position each photograph in two planes: technical and artistic. We employ special techniques and equipment to capture the subject's every detail and nuance, and we strive to convey the raw emotion and aesthetic appeal of the scene through our artistic input. Our photography reflects our unique vision, ideas, and artistic tendencies, allowing us to capture the essence of each moment as it unfolds. With each photograph, we aim to tell a compelling visual story that celebrates both the beauty and fragility of our natural world.


2 - Environmental and Ethics Dimension


With profound respect for wildlife, we approach capturing their habitats responsibly, avoiding any interference with their behavior. As photographers, we take on the role of educators, emphasizing the importance of wildlife in the ecosystem and inspiring fellow nature enthusiasts. Through our artistic presentations and captivating storytelling, we actively advocate for wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. Our commitment to being responsible stewards of the environment drives us to make a meaningful contribution to safeguarding our natural wonders for the benefit of future generations, ensuring they can cherish and enjoy the beauty of the wild.


3 - Education Dimension


Wildlife photographers are essential to scientific and educational advances in the field of conservation. As such, we strive to educate people about the importance of wildlife and their impact on a balanced ecosystem. Our motto is to reflect on our knowledge of wildlife to protect it while inspiring younger generations of nature enthusiasts by sharing our insights and visions. We aim to promote a deeper understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation through our artistic presentations and photographic storytelling. By elevating the conversation around wildlife and their habitats, we believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of our world's natural wonders.


4 - Community Engagement Dimension


We believe in creating a sustainable, tangible, and virtual community of wildlife photographers. While photographers are often considered to be lone wolves, we know that stable connections among members enhance exchanges for gear, photographic moments, and post-production, culminating in high-quality final products. Our community fosters a human dimension of lasting connections with the environment and other members, enabling us to learn from one another, share insights, and collaborate on projects that inspire and promote wildlife conservation.


5 - Spiritual Enhancement Dimension


We recognize the transformative power of disconnecting from daily life and connecting with nature. Our passion for the environment permeates every aspect of our work, and we strive to preserve and nurture that passion. This leads to unique, incomparable experiences for individuals, groups, and companions who become immersed in the environments we photograph. We believe that these experiences can have profound spiritual implications that deepen our appreciation of our natural world and inspire us to pursue wildlife conservation with even greater commitment.


6 - Philosophical Dimension


Our mission is inspired by the Eudaemonistic theory of Stoicism and rests on the pillars of Virtue and Discipline. We view virtue as essential to fulfilling this mission, extending beyond photography to other social, professional, and civic affiliations. Discipline is crucial for persistent study and constant updating and is necessary to make progress towards noble goals, which in turn leads to a sense of purpose and fulfillment. We believe that this approach to life creates an urgency of necessity towards happiness by fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and wildlife conservation.


These dimensions guide Wildlife World Photographers toward documenting, protecting, and artistically contributing to wildlife through wildlife photography.

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