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Six Lenses, One Mission - A Global Quest for Wildlife Photography Excellence

Wildlife World Photographers is on a mission to unite six outstanding photographers from six different countries. They will partake in a wildlife photography trip. During this photographic expedition, each will have the chance to photograph the same subjects.

After their journeys, the photographers will return home to process their photos, curating an exclusive collection of 5-6 standout images. The same process will be undertaken by each participant.

These remarkable collections will then be rigorously reviewed by a jury of esteemed experts. They will analyze the technical skill, creativity, and emotional depth of each image, searching for the photographer who has truly transcended boundaries with their art during this photographic journey.

In the end, one photographer will emerge victorious. This achievement not only praises their individual craft but also honors their country of origin. It will serve as a testament to their exceptional talent, commitment, and dedication to their artistry.

The overarching goal of this competition is to heighten global awareness of wildlife photography. Through this platform, we hope to underscore the importance of this genre, encouraging more individuals to appreciate, protect, and celebrate our planet's extraordinary biodiversity. By participating in this event, photographers will help us illuminate the enchanting beauty of nature and the critical importance of conservation, further fostering a love and respect for our natural world.

Participants who are interested can reach us on the following email:

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