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Honorary Certificate "Top Wildlife World Photographer"

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Dear Wildlife Photographers,

We are pleased to announce our highly regarded certification program, which recognizes exceptional talent in the field of wildlife photography. Our Honorary Certificate, titled "Top Wildlife World Photographer," attests to your unparalleled skills, professionalism, and technical aptitude as a wildlife photographer.

This certification program is a testament to our commitment to promoting and branding our wildlife photographers and providing valuable support and recognition to exceptional talent in the industry. To be considered for this prestigious certification, we invite you to submit your work in a comprehensive package that includes the following five categories.

1. Wildlife Through Your Lens: Capturing the Essence of Animals in Their Natural Beauty

Enter our wildlife photography certification initiative by showcasing your artistry, skill, and sensitivity in capturing animals' natural beauty. Submit a reflection of your unique vision and emotional evocation, providing insight into your artistic approach. We eagerly await your captivating submissions, allowing us to experience wildlife through your lens. In this category, please explain why you are passionate about wildlife photography and what drives your interest in showcasing the beauty of these natural wonders.

2. Merging Art and Science: Technical and Artistic Excellence in Wildlife Photography

As a Top World Photographer, you should be proficient in the art and science of wildlife photography, which strikes a balance between creativity and technical expertise. In your submissions, we are looking for images that showcase your technical mastery, artistic skills, and attention to detail such as proper composition, perfect lighting, focused shots, and other technical elements that make your photographs stand out. Submit your images by sharing a link (We encourage you to share a link to your website, but Instagram and Facebook Page link will do).

3. Wildlife Conservation through The Lens: Your Contribution to Protecting The Environment

Participating in wildlife photography projects is an excellent way to make a positive impact on the environment while pursuing your passion. We would like to hear about your involvement in wildlife photography projects in few brief paragraphs. Please share your experiences and the impact you've made on the environment and wildlife. We value photographers who use their skills to educate and create awareness, so let us know how your projects have contributed to these efforts.

4. Wildlife Photography Exhibitions: Your Path to Recognition

Participating in wildlife photography exhibitions can be a valuable way to showcase your work and connect with other talented photographers. Please include any exhibitions you have been part of in your submission for consideration. Your involvement in exhibitions not only displays your strong artistic skills but also your willingness to engage with the broader wildlife photography community.

5. Developing Your Craft: Professional Development in the Pursuit of Wildlife Photography Excellence

Becoming a recognized wildlife photographer requires lots of hard work and dedication. We would like to hear about your professional development and the steps you have taken to become proficient in the field of wildlife photography. Please detail any relevant courses or workshops you have taken, as well as any other forms of professional development that have contributed to your success. We look forward to learning about the steps you have taken in your professional development as a wildlife photographer.

We can't wait to see your submissions! The Honorary Certificate "Top Wildlife World Photographer" will be celebrated and recognized, and we hope you'll be one of them. Show us what makes you a Top World Photographer.

Upon receiving your entry, our dedicated team will create an entry in our database with the record of your submission. This will serve as an official reference and point of contact for any recommendation or letter of reference you may need in the future. We are committed to providing long-term support and recognition for our Top Wildlife World Photographers.

Finally, a professional blog post will be crafted using the data collected from your submission. This blog post will serve as an official announcement of your prestigious certification, granted to individuals who have proven their exceptional talent and proficiency as a Top Wildlife World Photographer. Our team of experienced writers will work to craft a compelling and engaging blog post that will highlight your unique skills and accomplishments. This blog post will be widely shared on our website and social media platforms, providing a valuable marketing opportunity to showcase your work.

The first step, fill out your application upon approval of your application there is a $250 administrative fee. This fee covers the cost of securely storing and maintaining our site and your records, as well as ensuring that our team can provide reliable and accurate reference information for you in the future. We believe that the $250 fee is a modest and reasonable investment in your career as a Top Wildlife World Photographer, and we are excited to support you on your journey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form provided.

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