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Interview with Gabi Sandu

Gabi Sandu

Tell us a little about yourself and why you like photographing wildlife

First of all, I want to thank Wildlife World Photographers for the invitation to share my passion regarding wildlife photography. It honors me and I appreciate it a lot.

I have always been in love with wildlife, and I was lucky enough to live in an area where birds and animals are abundant.

What got you started in Wildlife Photography?

Until 2008 I didn't think to photograph them. In 2008, I saw some photos of birds at a photograph friend, and I was amazed at how beautiful they were. I knew immediately that this is what I want to do as well.

I entered to several forums where I started to learn about photography and equipment's. The first investment was the Nikon D80 and Sigma 150-500mm, lens that had just been launched. Not a very fast camera or lens but it forced me to learn to camouflage myself and get closer to the subjects.

What do you believe makes your images successful?

I think that patience and knowing the habits of each individual subject are qualities that helped me find them and get closer to them.

Is there one subject that you’ll happily photograph again and again?

I like to photograph any kind of wild creature but photographing birds in flight attracted me the most and I tried to perfect my technique to be able to capture them in flight.

Birds of prey are the ones I would photograph endlessly. They are extraordinary birds, and in flight, when they show all their plumage, they are extremely spectacular.

Do you believe wildlife photography has an effect on conservation?

I believe the photography role in nature conservation is a huge awareness tool related to the human footprint that leads to phenomena such as global warming and the increasingly water crisis. Through my photos I try to convey my love for wildlife, which unfortunately is becoming less and less.

How do you enrich your passion of wildlife photography in order to keep it fresh and exciting?

I pursue wildlife photography because the subject itself fascinates me. The elements of photography that are enmeshed within that, the technical elements of cameras and lenses and digital processing, the compositional rules of visual arts, the creative desire, the goal of taking a great photo, are all secondary. For me, wildlife photography is all about the subject and if my photos create emotions for the viewer, then I can only be very happy. To be in nature, to be close to this wonderful creature, to search and find new species this is what enrich my passion and keep it very exciting.

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