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Interview with Pascal Darantiere

Pascal Darantiere

Please introduce yourself, where are you based and where do you photograph wildlife?

My name is Pascal DARANTIERE, I’m living in the region of Normandy from FRANCE. I started photography at 13 years old with an all manual Zenith E, there is nothing better to learn the basics. Nowadays, I upgraded my equipement to a Canon R5 and a R6M2 paired to a Canon 400 Do f4 v2 and to a rf 70 200f4. I devoted my work to the Wildlife, more precisely to the ornithology. This passion have particular requirements for the camerawork to catch accurate details of the subject. At the moment, my photography field cover all of FRANCE.

How did you start your career as a wildlife photographer?

10 years ago, since I have bought a countryside house, I found myself in the middle of nature and I decided to buy an used Canon 7D with a Sigma 150 600 C. I started by photographing deers and the local wildlife. At first it was difficult because I needed to learn the habits and the locations of the wildlife for better pictures.

What is your most memorable sighting?

The observation of a newborn fawn from afar, unapprochable to prevent it from the human sent and unfortunately it was impossible to photograph. To not perturb the course of the animal’s life, it’s the first lesson of the wildlife photographer.

Where is your favorite place to photograph wildlife and why?

My favorite place is Teich’s ornithologic reserve. Its a 120 hectar natural space set up to welcome wild birds and allow their observation to the public. It is located at the Acarchon bay in France. I like to go there 2 at 3 times per years because it has 22 observatories. It allows to observe and take pictures of birds from close distance.

Which image are you most proud of and why?

I can’t choose one in particular, I would say the one which is focused on the clearness and the details of the bird’s flight. It’s always a real challenge. Otherwise, if I have to retain one picture that change my photography perspective it would be the one from the 2020 CAPA contest in which I parcipated and won 3 prizes including the 2 first in the Animal and Region category thanks to European Greenfinches from my garden.

How do you think your style has evolved over the years?

The evolution of my style goes with the improvement of the animals photography methods and equipement. I acquired a passion for the Bird In Flight 4 years ago and more precisely with the Passerine. In each pictures I’m looking for the nosedive, the Bokeh and light. The most beautiful pictures are, most of the time, taken between 8 and 15 meters for little and extremely fast subjects. Keeping the movements that seems almost like a dance became an art for me.

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