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Winners of the Wildlife World Photographers Contest 2023

Updated: Apr 4

From October 22 to November 5, 2023, we hosted the "Wings of Majesty" photography contest. Organized by Wildlife World Photographers, the contest was divided into three distinct categories: "Epic Shot," which focused on capturing raptors in moments of grandeur as they prepared for flight or landed; "Emotional Impact," aimed at revealing the intricate emotional layers of these majestic birds; and "Harmony with Nature," which highlighted images where raptors seamlessly meld into Earth's natural landscapes. Below, we are proud to present the three winning pictures and the awarding of certificates to exceptional entries in each category.

Winner of "Epic shot" category is Jerry am Ende with the Bald Eagles photograph.

Two majestic eagles soar side by side, an embodiment of freedom and grace. Against the dimly lit backdrop, their presence becomes even more captivating, drawing the viewer's gaze deeper into the scene. Both raptors are impeccably sharp and meticulously focused, their feathers catching the shimmering rays of dappled sunlight, creating an ethereal spectacle of natural splendor. It comes as no surprise that this breathtaking image claimed the title of the undisputed winner in the fiercely contested "Epic Shot" category, as it encapsulates the awe-inspiring essence of untamed wilderness and the boundless spirit of these magnificent creatures.

Winner of "Emotional Impact" category is Pablo Rudaeff with the "Little Owls" photograph.

In the twilight sky tinged with the colors of dusk, one little owl takes to the air, its wings unfurled in the elegance of flight. Below, another owl stands perched on a branch, its gaze directed upward. As their eyes meet, an electrifying connection occurs, crystallizing a moment laden with emotional depth. The flying owl's eyes look down with a blend of recognition and curiosity, while the owl on the branch returns the gaze, its eyes tinged with a sense of longing or perhaps expectation. This brief encounter encapsulates the intricate tapestry of raptor life, bursting with emotional nuance. It's a captivating moment that won the photograph its well-deserved first place in the "Emotional Impact" category.

Winner of "Harmony with Nature" category is Emil Enchev with the "Egyptian Vultures" photograph.

In a serene setting near a beach with sand dunes, the photograph portrays Egyptian vultures in seamless harmony with their natural surroundings. Positioned in the lower left corner of the frame, the vultures add a touch of magic to the composition. Their feathers meld effortlessly with the textures and hues of the landscape, as though they are an inherent part of this coastal environment. Far from disrupting the scene, the presence of these raptors enhances its natural splendor. This captivating image serves not only as a window into the symbiotic relationship between raptors and their habitat, but also as a stunning illustration of avian life in balance with nature. Unsurprisingly, it has rightfully claimed first place in the "Harmony with Nature" category.

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in our contest. Your creativity and effort greatly contributed to the event's success. We are grateful for your time and talent, and look forward to seeing you in future competitions.

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