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Feathered Focus Photography Exhibition

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

We are excited to announce the upcoming "Feathered Focus" photo exhibition, set to take place on December 16, 2023, at the historic Migjeni Theater in Shkodra, Albania. This event is not just an exhibition; it's a mission to protect the Whiskered Terns and other freshwater birds from the looming threat of habitat loss. By putting a spotlight on these stunning creatures, particularly terns, we aim to inspire and amplify conservation efforts.

The exhibition is an open call to wildlife photographers worldwide, inviting them to present their work that embodies their love and dedication to avian subjects. It's a unique platform where both seasoned and emerging photographers can share their profound admiration for terns and freshwater birds. More than a display of artistic prowess, "Feathered Focus" is a narrative exploration of the lives, beauty, and challenges faced by these magnificent birds. It's an eye-opener to the critical issue of habitat loss, a problem that is as urgent as it is overlooked.

Expect to be enthralled by a collection of captivating images that weave compelling stories about the lives of terns and other freshwater birds. These visual stories are set to capture their elegance in natural habitats, playing a significant role in educating and sensitizing the audience about the environmental challenges these species face. The exhibition aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of these birds, emphasizing the necessity of their preservation.

The event at Migjeni Theater is a celebration of nature's wonders and a rallying cry to protect our feathered friends. It's a golden opportunity for photographers, bird enthusiasts, and conservationists to come together, exchange ideas, and forge collaborations for future initiatives aimed at protecting these vital ecosystems.

As we eagerly anticipate "Feathered Focus," we extend our gratitude in advance to all the photographers, the attendees who will add life to this event, and everyone contributing to making this exhibition both memorable and impactful.

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