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Wild Expo

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Wild Expo Poster

Happy to announce a new exhibition concept titled ‘Wild Expo’. This exhibition will travel from year to year in different countries. The first year, the host is Albania.

At the first steps, this journey aspires to create a photo exhibition where wildlife photographers from Balkan countries showcase their artistic creations as a way to promote and conserve the habitats and wildlife for their respective countries.

Guest participants are invited to partake in this exhibition from all over the world, as a way to make it more inclusive and connected among fellow wildlife photographers.

The goal of ‘Wild Expo’ is not only to promote habitats and wildlife from different countries but also to connect and build a stronger community engagement of wildlife photographers from around the world.

In collaboration with 'Friends of Wild Nature Photography Greece', next year the host will be Greece.

Meet our Wild Expo Organizers

Guest Participants

Photos in this exhibition

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