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Interview with Pierre Nowosad

Please introduce yourself, where are you based and where do you photograph wildlife?

Hello, I am Pierre Nowosad, born in 1952, living in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. Photography isn't my profession, but rather a passion I've pursued since 1972 and have fully dedicated myself to since retiring in 2010. My work as a nature photographer involves a lot of time and patience, frequenting natural areas and hides to create my portfolio. Capturing the perfect shot of birds in action and in flight often requires a bit of luck despite numerous attempts! My portfolio now includes 10,000 photos managed in Lightroom, with editing and publishing reserved for winter evenings. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them. With photographic regards, PiNo.

How did you get started in wildlife photography?

In 2008, I retired and acquired all the professional photography equipment; I lived near a nature reserve in Hoboken, Antwerp, where there was an observation point. There, I began observing nature and birds in peace and got to know other birdwatchers.                                              

Can you share a particularly memorable experience or encounter you've had while photographing wildlife?

It is a pleasure to capture certain actions that are unpredictable. There have been several such moments.


Where is your favorite place to photograph wildlife and why?

I don't have a favorite place because nothing is predictable about what might appear in front of your lens. However, I have visited various countries and locations, and overall, in terms of nature and landscape photography, I find Iceland beautiful. I have visited this country four times.                 

In what ways has your approach to capturing wildlife changed as you've developed your unique artistic vision?                               

At first, you are happy to photograph a somewhat rarer bird species, after having tried various settings on your camera. Once you have learned this, you will try to capture certain actions, sometimes in unique images and conditions. Then you start looking to see if other photographers have reached this level and can also show these images.                        

How do you enrich your passion of wildlife photography?                                  

Now that my health is no longer optimal, I regularly ride my bike in the nearby nature areas with my camera. If something catches my eye, I still try to capture it. Insects also fascinate me, and I am now applying my knowledge to macro photography. I am grateful to have had these wonderful experiences over the last sixteen years!

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