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Interview with Nedko P. Nedkov

Nedko P. Nedkov

Please introduce yourself, where are you based and where do you photograph wildlife?

My name is Nedko P. Nedkov, I was born and raised in Bulgaria but moved some 33 years ago to Germany. I am based in Bavaria south of Munich. My main wildlife territory is our beautiful Planet Earth, however the far north is my obsession.

What is your favorite animal to photograph and do you have any specific strategies for photographing them?

My favorite animal is the polar bear, but also all wildlife of the far north. I am traveling at least once a year to the cold deserts of the far North, Manitoba, Iceland, Spitzbergen, Hokkaido, Siberia. Coming close to polar bears is very difficult, you need the help of local guides and trackers. I love to photograph them low level head on, but to get to that position you need the help of local guides.

Do you use Photoshop, Lightroom or any other software programs and what is your usual post-processing workflow?

I am using LR, PS and Topaz-AI-sharpener. Usually I use the automatic button of LR to set the basic parameters. I use also LR to increase local contrast if needed. The sharpening if needed I do in PS or lately in Topaz AI-sharpener.

How do you think your style has evolved over the years?

Back in 2013 when I started again with photography my favorite was landscaping. I still love the landscapes however the perfect picture for me now is showing the wildlife in their amazing surrounding, they call home. A great landscape and as main subject the wildlife living there, this is glory of nature.

How do you enrich you passion of wildlife photography?

Well, traveling planet Earth to see and photograph wildlife is my passion. However I use my journeys to meet different cultures, different people to lern from them about their view on the world. I appreciate differences I don't try to tech people how to behave, I am just learning from them and appreciate the cultural diversity. What I enjoy and appreciate especially is the local cuisine. Food is the source of life, and is very specific for different cultures.

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