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Capturing the Wild: Wildlife Photography Exhibition in New York

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

We are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated Wildlife Photography Exhibition will be held in New York City, running from October 31, 2023, through January 5, 2024. Although unforeseen circumstances led to two postponements, we are now thrilled to bring this exceptional showcase to fruition.

The exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the work of talented photographers from Wildlife World Photographers, with the aim of promoting their unique perspectives and techniques to a global audience. The theme of the exhibition emphasizes the majestic beauty and diversity of wildlife across the globe.

The exhibition plans to feature the work of 20 photographers, each hailing from a different country in the region. From majestic habitats to intimate portraits of animals, the photographs on display are sure to capture the hearts and minds of visitors. Every single photograph is a testament to the skill and artistry of the photographers, reflecting their passion and commitment to capturing the essence of the wild.

The exhibition will take place at the heart of Long Island City, NY, specifically at LaGuardia Community College. Curated with great care, the venue provides an environment that complements the subject matter, enhancing the visitor's experience. Special lighting and layouts have been employed to create an engaging visual journey, allowing guests to feel as though they are stepping into the natural habitats depicted in the photographs.

Our goal is not only to exhibit stunning photographs but also to inspire reflection on the delicate balance of nature and humanity's role in conservation. We believe that through this exhibition, visitors will come to appreciate the value of wildlife and the importance of conservation efforts. By showcasing the beauty of wildlife photography, we hope to inspire visitors to become advocates for its protection. Educational programs and guided tours will be available to deepen the understanding of the subjects portrayed and the techniques used by the photographers.

We are proud to host this one-of-a-kind event and invite photography enthusiasts, nature lovers, and curious minds to join us in celebrating the artistic achievements of these talented individuals. Join us this fall in New York City and take part in a breathtaking experience that transcends mere visual appreciation. Immerse yourself in the art of wildlife photography and take away a renewed sense of awe and responsibility towards our planet's natural wonders.

This exhibition is a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and to engage in meaningful dialogue about our environment. Let's celebrate the artistry of wildlife photography together and make a difference in the way we perceive and protect our world.

Wildlife Expo write-up

Wildlife Expo: Caelum et Terra.

The masterful photographs that grace the Wildlife Expo: Caelum et Terra, serve as witness to our deeply rooted fascination with the animal world. This exhibit presents work by twenty unique wildlife photographers from diverse regions, echoing the heterogeneity in our LaGuardia community.

The frame becomes obsolete as lines blur - creating a kaleidoscopic background of monochromatic colors, where swathes of browns, greens, and oranges are punctuated by soft blues highlighted with sublime white dappled light that gives breath to the protagonists of these compositions, who take center stage. The images presented evoke a myriad of emotions from amusement to awe; a Long-Eared Owl looks out in surprise, engaging us to ponder its daily activity, while an Alpine Ibex regally turns up its face to receive the sun's life-giving warmth. Thus, each photographer transforms their print into a window that gives us a unique glimpse at these beautiful, imposing animals in their natural environments.

The photographer’s technical connoisseurship of composition is evident; the images simultaneously exhibit restraint and a nuanced precision in their balance between light, angles, and form. The works, which look effortless, belie the challenges faced by these artists who are exposed and vulnerable to the temperament of Madre Natura in their quest to capture and document a fleeting moment of reality.

This multicultural body of work is powerful and spiritual and posits complex. questions about how we view animals as reflections of ourselves, prompting us to meditate on our interconnectedness with nature, climate change, and the urgency to conserve and protect the animal world surrounding us.

Arianne M Fernandez

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